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Vitamin E + Peppermint Lip Plumping Gloss dr.eve_ryouth
Dreveryouth is a skincare brand that's come from 'years of research in cosmetic ingredients and anti-aging skincare'. What's better? All their products contain unique and natural ingredients - yes!

Yesterday, I received a beautiful PR package from Dreveryouth and, besides the initial awe of how good the product quality and packaging is, I have to admit that this is a brand that really knows what they're doing in terms of results! 

dr.eve_ryouth snake venom eye cream

48/365 🐍 trying out snake venum to get rid of those fine lines (aka wrinkles 😆) largely caused by being a mum (sleepless nights breastfeeding, rocking to sleep, comforting a baby etc etc etc the list is endless). I’ve been trying this @dr.eve_ryouth eye cream a few days now and I really cant wait to see the results. Quick likes about it 👍🏽 you should only use a very tiny bit of it, love the thick texture, doesn’t have a specific smell, easy to apply #gifted


dr.eve_ryouth vitamin e peppermint lip plumping gloss

"Loving this product that dr.eve_ryouth sent me"




"I love these eye pads as they are so refreshing and just make tired eyes feel and look so much better."


Hydrate until your skin can’t take it anymore. JK of course it can. Multi-step hydration ‘fixed’ my skin. Yet I see so many without a routine. Not removing makeup... moisture stripping ingredients... or nothing at all. Find your routine. Your skin will thank you for it.




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