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Get to know more about beauty’s no.1 searched ingredient: Vitamin C

Get to know more about beauty’s no.1 searched ingredient: Vitamin C

As a brand focused on anti-ageing and healthy looking skin, we have a few things to say about this ingredient and why we use it.

Vitamin C has major health benefits for our body, we’ve been told multiple times to eat more fruit and vegetables which contain the antioxidant, alongside other vitamins crucial to lead a healthy lifestyle. Your normal skin contains high levels of vitamin C which help with skin functions such as collagen production and protection from UV damage. Which is why when there’s a dip in your vitamin C consumption, one of the first places it will show is your skin. The vitamin C concentration in more mature skin is decreased and so it’s a great ingredient to combat signs of aging. Adding Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to your skincare routine is a tried and tested way to:


  1. Boost Natural Collagen Production
    your skin produces collagen on its own, the addition of vitamin C could have the effect of encouraging this synthesis, giving you much firmer, smoother skin.
  2. Even Skin tone
    Hyperpigmentation or ‘Brown Spots’ can be lessened with the use of vitamin C as it inhibits excess melanin production, leaving you with brighter skin.
  3. Repair damaged skin
    Many factors can lead to damaged skin, sun exposure being one of them. The antioxidant nature of Vitamin C encourages cell regeneration, repairing what’s damaged and replacing with healthy skin cells and collagen.
  4. Protection
    Not only does Vitamin C repair your skin, it helps protect your skin from damaging UV rays and provides a barrier to pollution whilst fighting other signs of ageing. (we would still recommend also using an SPF for substantial protection against UV rays).


As Vitamin C is already present in the skin and in a healthy diet, so why is it needed in skincare? The skin is made up of multiple epidermis layers and this can be a challenging environment for nutrient delivery through diffusion from the blood vessels alone. This is why topical application during your skincare regime can boost its effects noticeably.


In addition to all of this, as little as 0.6% of vitamin C in your skincare regimen can protect your skin, so a little truly goes a long way. Have a go at one of our Vitamin C + Hyaluronic acid serums to add some vitamin C to your skincare regime.

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