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Pink Valentine's lip tutorial for all ages

Pink Valentine's lip tutorial for all ages

Lip plumping gloss pink vitamin-e peppermint

It Valentine's day, maybe you are planning to go on a date or going out with your friends, this pink nude lip tutorial suits all ages and enhances lips naturally. We live in an era that plump enhanced lips are popular with younger and older audiences. Many wanting to add volume to their natural lips with fillers. Lip plumping gloss might be a great alternative to someone who wants a little enhancement and little extra volume to their lips. Follow this tutorial to enhance your natural lips.

1. Prep - scrub & balm
Start with good prep, if you have dry lips use a lip scrub if you don't have one you can easily make your own just mix sugar and coconut oil to a thick paste. Massage the lip scrub to your lips for few minutes, remove and apply a lip balm for few minutes to nourish the lips.

2. Line your lips
Lining your lips is extremely important as it adds definition and volume to the lips and makes them appear bigger. For extra oomph overline your lips just outside of your natural lip line. 

3. Lipstick
Apply your favourite lipstick. We recommend a long lasting but nourishing formula that doesn't dry out your lips.

4. Lip Plumping Gloss

Apply on top of lipstick, start in the middle of the lips and spread through upper and lower lip. The mistake many people fo first is to overuse gloss and ruin their lip look. A little bit goes a long way, you don't want to overuse this gloss. You might feel little tingling sensations on your lips in a few minutes, but it will go away soon. We recommend using our Vitamin E + Peppermint Oil Lip Plumping Gloss as it nourishes and protects the lips while giving you amazing shine and plumping effect.











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