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Here is Why You Should Use Hand Sanitiser in Daily Life

Here is Why You Should Use Hand Sanitiser in Daily Life


Did you know that 80 per cent of all infections are transmitted by hands? Probably not. Shaking hands, touching surfaces, opening doors, and much more are a great example of how easy is to catch any bacteria or germs through hands. Therefore, the question of ensuring hygiene during the day appears to be crucial both for individuals and workplaces.

Here are the reasons why we all should hand sanitisers:

1. Helps to improve your hygiene were no water and soap available: Hand sanitisers are a great alternative of water and soap almost everywhere such as your workplace, travel, and even home. Everyone should wash their hands at least a few times a day and use hand sanitiser against any possible external contamination as well where water and soap not available.

2. Helps to prevent the diseases: As hand sanitisers help to keep your hand hygiene up, they are known to be effective against spreading infection, viruses and bacteria. That’s is why it’s highly recommended to use sanitisers in daily life where
the contamination level is high. After using the sanitising hand gels, hands should not be dried with any towel or paper towel to that you can benefit the most of it.

3. Killing germs and bacteria: Hand sanitiser contains a certain level of ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or both, to fight with bacteria and gems. 60% of alcohol is recommended as suitable to fight with gems, or higher percentage is even better up to 90% lintel.

4. Moisturising Hands: Hand gels are in change with supporting your hygiene and
helping to protect your health. However, they also help to keep your hands
moisturised depending on the ingredients. So, health and beauty care in one pack. Doesn’t sound bad right?

5. Helps to protect you from infections: Hand sanitisers are used to fight both with viral and bacterial infections. Therefore, they are suitable and highly recommended in any time of epidemic, pandemic, or outbreak to fight with the spread of any type of infection in external usage.

6. Disinfecting your accessories: Although gems and bacteria spread through our
hands, it is highly important the display places, and accessories that we use all day
are clean enough. You may wash your hands during the day but probably would not prefer to wash your mobile phone, computer, handbag and other accessories. At this point, the best option is disinfecting the accessories. Hand gels are the easiest and quickest way of doing this. Therefore, hand sanitisers are multifunctional.

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