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Botox in a Bottle? Snake Venom Explained

Botox in a Bottle? Snake Venom Explained

Here at Dr. Eve_Ryouth we are committed to bringing you only the best ingredients in our products. Not only this but to only make products with active ingredients, meaning you get the results you are looking for. Whether that’s a reduction in fine lines and other signs of ageing or you want healthier, brighter skin. Because of this we want to give you more information about the ingredients we use and why we use them. We’ve been seeing snake venom products popping up all over the market in the last few years. We at Dr. Eve_Ryouth even have our own snake venom and collagen range. Snake venom doesn’t sound like the most inviting ingredient to slather on your face but we’re here to debunk some of the myths surrounding one of the most sought after ingredients in the anti ageing market and let you know why use it in our products.

Is it real venom?
No! snake venom used in skincare is not extracted from the animal itself, it’s not even the same chemical makeup. The ingredient called Sn-ayke is a snake venom tripeptide used in our skincare products. It is a man made ingredient, specifically designed to mimic the effects of temple viper snake venom.

 Is it safe?
Yes!  Many people make the mistake of thinking of snake venom as harmful, it actually can produce anti-ageing benefits when applied topically to the skin. Research has shown that snake venom temporarily inhibits muscle activity, which prevents and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it is the tensing of muscles which causes wrinkles to form and show on the skin.

Why is this a miracle ingredient?
As mentioned previously, this is an active ingredient which relaxes the muscles below the skin, some have even compared its effects to botox! However unlike the injectable anti ageing, snake venom is painless, and hassle free and so is an easy ingredient to add to your morning or nightly routine. 

Where can I get some for myself?
Well heres where we can help the most, we have our own range of Snake Venom + Collagen products targeting signs of ageing, including both a day and a night moisturiser alongside a wrinkle filler eye cream for a more targeted treatment. You can buy these separately or as a gift set at a discounted price.

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